December 11, 2007 Meeting Minutes


Jonathan Sobel - Cisco Systems
Pat Sulivan - Cisco Systems (legal)
Terri Ertlmeier - Motorola
Glenn Fisher - Liden
Marc Lentezner - Linden
Suzy Deffeyes - IBM
Peter Haggar - IBM
JP McCormick - ActiveWorlds
Rick Noll - ActiveWorlds
Paul Fahn - Samsung

Membership Agreement, Current Status


Section 4.5 - Section C & J
- Members distributing their own specifications is overly prohibitive on materials people can distribute.

- Covered claims section 1.6 + 1.10 applies to normative section and is too narrow.

Linden counsel will come back with suggestions and language to address these concerns.


- Section 2.2 - Licensing obligation. They prefer language that provides for notice of existence of Patent in order to meet obligation.


- Need statement that no press releases are to be made until all members agree.

- IPR, need clarification that no one is required to do Patent search.

- Need clarification that IPR must survive agreement.


- Section 1.4 is too broad and needs to be tightened up to reflect that contributions must come from the author themselves. This is to protect contributions made by a member for which another member may hold a Patent on.

- Need language to protect IP rights being given up for which a company may not have intended.


- All submissions must be intentional. There should be language to make sure submissions are not inferred by virtue of discussions leading to a potential idea. If not, members will not be open in discussions and will be reluctanct to offer ideas that may be construed as a contribution.


- Peter @ IBM suggested that all parties submit their concerns and language revisions to him as a central repository. All parties would revisit language alterations of agreement in early 08. Much discussion was made about Patent Free rights and the ability for members to provide for Patent royalties or opt out certain IP from the forum. Various members either opposed such provisions or felt it should be included. It was suggested that including such language would go against the spirit of open standards and would hurt such initiative. It was also brought to light that being a member of an open standards forum entails some risk and members need to understand this.

No real solution was reached other than for all members to submit language and their concerns to the central database for review after the holidays.

Discussion of Use Cases

Postponed until next week.

Next Meeting (18 December)

To be hosted by Samsung.

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