January 8, 2008 Meeting Minutes

Mike Danielsen
Jay Williams
Christian Renauld
Terri Ertlmeier
Randy Ciscosystems
John Wattes
Rick Noll
George Goodman
Paul Fahn
Paul Byrne
Mark Lentczner

2007 Summary
Use Cases
Next steps and plans for 2008
Create the organization
Consortium agreement
Election of board members
Steering committee
Create working committees
Decide what is achievable
Define objectives
Decide a charter for each group
Meeting schedules
Quarterly face to face with steering and working groups
Coexist with Virtual World conferences
Monthly in world meetings
Recruit members at GDC
Face to face meeting
Invite game industry members

Any other suggestions or additions are welcome
We need to have Consortium agreement by next VW conference
VWIF wiki site need to be open.
Next weeks meeting host IBM.

Wiki avatar name cross reference

Action Items
For all companies that have not finished, please get the Consortium Agreement modifications to Peter Haggar.

Paul Byrne will look into a VR world- phone bridge for a future meeting.
All committee members are encouraged to think of possible working groups.
Finalize date for face to face meeting in February during GDC.
Peter to make wiki page editable.

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