November 13, 2007 Meeting Minutes

Meeting Agenda:

1) Roll Call of participants


Mic Bowman- Intel
Peter Haggar- IBM
Terry - Motorola
Mike Danielson- Motorola
Ron Burns- Proton Media
Susan Deffreys- IBM
Domenic Naccarato- Proton
Mark Lensner- Linden Labs
Glenn Fisher- Linden Labs
Jay Williams- Motorola
Stefano Crosta- Cisco
Bill Morrison- Cisco
John Watts- Forterra
Robert Gehorsam- Forterra
Christian Renaud - Cisco

1a) Should we establish a list of specified contact people at each organization?

Participants to opt-in on this wiki with primary contact individuals at each participating company.

2) Reiteration of OpenAjax agreement and review of modifications as forwarded/posted by Peter H @ IBM

Member representatives voiced no objections to modified agreement as currently written. Each member has submitted agreement draft to their respective legal departments for review and approval. To be returned to PeterH@IBM.

3) Development of schedule for open meetings with user community and broader attendee base from original meeting.

Once agreements have been approved, schedule for formal meetings will be built on VWIF foundation including participants in San Jose meeting as well as user community.

4) Discussion and proposals for breakout working groups

There were three proposed working groups- Terrain Data Format, Deployment Scenarios, and Cross-platform chat/presence, HOWEVER it was agreed that each member company (or companies) would develop standard use cases to identify key components of interoperability, from which working groups will be distilled.

5) (optional) Discussion amongst S.C. about public messaging surrounding VWIF

Christian@Cisco to develop preliminary key messages (for group revision) for external communications by member companies to the press and user community. Due- by next meeting.

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