November 27, 2007 Meeting Minutes

Meeting Agenda:

1) Roll Call of participants


Christian Renaud - Cisco
Stefano - Cisco
Jonathan Sobel - Cisco
Glenn Fisher - Linden Lab
Mark Lentczner - Linden Lab
John Watte - Forterra
Paul Byrne - Sun
Peter Haggar- IBM
Neil Katz - IBM
JP McCormick - ActiveWorlds
Rick Noll - ActiveWorlds

2) Next weeks meeting host:

3) Review progress on signing the VWIF agreement
All companies present on the call indicated the agreement was in their legal departments hands for review.

Peter commented that we need to work on getting this signed so we can move forward. Any questions about the agreement should be directed to Peter and he will get the answer ASAP.

4) Discuss timeline for moving forward with VWIF formation
Peter discussed how we move forward with forming the VWIF, however, this discussion was tabled pending the signing of the agreement.

5) Plan review of organization proposal (VWIF) with all attendees of the Oct 9th meeting
We have an action to come back to the rest of the group that was present at the October 9th, 2007 meeting with the organizational structure. It was decided that we would do this one we have the legal review completed by the subset of companies participating in the creation of the organization and their consent to the agreement.

6) Checkpoint on progress of usecase documentation on wiki
It was stressed by Glenn that we need to get more use cases documented to best move our technical discussions forward.

Glenn and Peter said they would be posting use cases and all others were encouraged to do so as well.

7) Plan next F2F meeting. Venues to consider:
GDC 2008 (2/18 - 2/22) San Francisco
Virtual Worlds 2008 (4/3 - 4/4) New York
Peter discussed a next possible Face To Face meeting and suggested the two above venues. The goal was not to reach a decision on this call, but to get people thinking about a possible meeting time and place early in 2008. We agreed that when we have the member agreement agreed to and signed would dictate the timing of such a meeting.

Glenn suggested that we plan for GDC in February only because it is the earlier date and we can use that as motivation to get the member agreement signed and any issues resolved.

8) Plan for outreach to community about VWIF
Peter mentioned that we should begin to think about who to reach out to in order to bring them into the organization once it's set up. That way, once we have the agreement signed we can hit the ground running on bringing in the right organizations, companies, and individuals that will help us reach our goals.


All: Work for closure for signing VWIF member agreement
All: Provide use cases to the wiki
Christian: Provide call in number and agenda for next weeks meeting on 12/4. Agenda for next week to include:

  • Status of signing member agreement
  • Review Use Cases
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